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 - News Day, Night mm a. ra. to 11 p.nL, ABC, UPI...
News Day, Night mm a. ra. to 11 p.nL, ABC, UPI and fecal news it ever Station WHMA. The Star! final editioi to presented each weekday at 4 p.m. The Star ar rives Sunday morning k( he fere breakfast time. Tow Borne Neirapaper Since 1882" AP and UPI Newt ANNISTON, ALABAMA, 'TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1961 45c a WEEK by CARRIER Arrested Here By FBI Charged In JBm Buirnin Held Bonds cut fires went flat and the driver pulled over in front (See Bonds. Page 3, Col. 3) FRANK D. JOHNSON . . maintenance man charged HALL maintenance man, a flower 19-year-old 19-year-old 19-year-old 19-year-old 19-year-old youth Federal Bureau of Investigation of a Greyhound bus 1) MfCr3 rkH ' v f ""W,, fijf S I . nal . 7 Incidents In Capital Put Down ROBERTS AT SCENE Arrow shove points out Dalford Leonard Roberts. 42-year-old 42-year-old 42-year-old 42-year-old 42-year-old taxicab driver, at Forsyth's Store shortly after "Freedom Riders" were evacuated from a burninr, smoke-filled smoke-filled smoke-filled Greyhound bus. The FBI Monday arrested Roberts and charted him and three others with assistinr in the "damaginr, disabling and destruction bv fire" of the bus. The four were arraigned Monday afternoon and held under bonds of $5,000 each. ROGER D. COUCH . . . held in Incident! JERRY EASON . . . flower shop worker 'UNEASY CALM,' SAYS AIDE Situation In State Seen 'Touch And Go' FROM WIRE REPORTS WASHINGTON An aide to Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy today there is "an uneasy calm" in the Alabama racial and the situation is touch and go. The aide, Press Officer Edwin O. Guthman, said the at general is being kept fully informed of the situation in Montgomery and, in turn, b keep ing his brother. President Ken nedy, up to date. The attorney general conferred early this morning with top aide Byron R. (Whizzer) White who flew here from Montgomery where he has been directing operations operations of the force of U. S. mar shals. White arrived in Washington at midnight and conferred with Rob ert Kennedy until about 2:30 a.m. Justice Department officials said ne would return later today ami Jury Upsets Agreement By CODY HALL Circuit Court jury picked here to give what was expected to be routine ratification of term for an admitted rapist to okay the agreement a mistrial was declared. William Sadler, Jr., 33-year-old 33-year-old 33-year-old 33-year-old 33-year-old charged with assaulting a Anniston housewife here In earlier this month not guilty and not guilty reason of insanity to the appearing in Court Mon morning, represented by two court-appointed court-appointed attorneys, Sadler to plead guilty to the in exchange for a life sentence. the, approval of the chief prosecution witness and her bus the State agreed to the pro Judge W. D. DeBardeiaben then the clerk of the court call off 12 names from the Jury Such procedure is usual and considered routine. A jury, under law, must set the penalty such cases and heretofore had endorsed such agreements -question. -question. Judge DeBardeiaben instructed jurors in their duties, explain what was reauired of them. they retired to the jury room 11:30 a.m. resume personal direction of about 660 marshals standing byhai been ordered into Alabama and said it "would be an even Marshals Invader Irate Gallion Says By GEORGE SMITH Star Staff Writer MONTGOMERY U. S. marshals are In Montgomery "strictly on an invasion basis," Alabama Attorney .General Mac- Mac- Donald Gallion told The Anniston Star in an exclusive interview interview Monday. They don t have the right to be here, he declared flatly. They are only deputized Alco holic Tax Unit men who don't have any experience in controlling controlling mobs. "They might be pretty good at sneaking up on whisky stills and such stuff, but enforcement of the law is another matter. They are 111 a aosoiuieiy unnecessary and we don't need them." Better Protection Seen Gallion reiterated an ejrlr any federal officer breaking a city . or state law here. The marshals. in the meantime, have been with drawn from downtown Montgomery Montgomery streets and are bing held in reserve at nearby Maxwell Air Force Base. "In fact," added Gallion, "a much more protective situation could be maintained if they were to get out of Alabama. "In my opinion, they have no legal right to be here. They are not here to enforce a federal law. a federal court order or injunction. injunction. They are strictly here on an invasion basis. "Not only are they being highly highly resented walking up and down the streets with their yeHow arm bands, but that resentment has created a much higher tension." 'Public Should Know' The attorney general said it was a "tragedy" that the marshals i Lnlfi I I rk I in Alabama Kennedy ordered 200 fresh mar shals into the tense area Monday. Some of them acted as replacements replacements for some of the 500 who arrived on the scene earlier and some supplemented the force. The arrest of four white men Monday in Anniston, Ala., was considered part of a federal gov ernment drive to prosecute those believed responsible for the out breaks. Officials refused to rule (See Situation, Page 2. Col I) greater tragedy if our National Guard were federalized such as happened in Little Rock." "The public should know this," (See Marshals, Page 3, Col. 3) to ask for further instruc from the judge, listened and (See Jury, Page 3, CoL t) Anniston Woman Is Wreck Victim An Anniston woman identified by the Highway Patrol as Ellen Morrison Yates, 34. of 1725 Quin tard Ave., was killed this morn ing in the collision of the car she was driving and a pickup truck on Aiaoama rugnway .4 ot a mile west of the Georgia line in Cleburne County. The Patrol said Ruby N. Mor rison,. 30, of 1129 Quintard Ave.; Dothridge Teague, 74. of Heflin, few minutes later, they re-:Rt. re-:Rt. re-:Rt. 1, and Laura Mae Teague 61, of Heflin. Rt. 1, were taken to a Bowdon. Ga., hospital for treat ment of injuries. MacDONALD GALLION ... 'unnecessary' Cuba Deal Is Flayed WASHINGTON (UPI (Senator Styles Bridges. R-N.H.. R-N.H.. R-N.H.. has de nounced a move to send 500 trac tors to Cuba in exchange for 1, 200 captured rebels as a bribe to a "comic strip Communist." Pre mier Fidel Castro. Bridges reminded the Senate Monday that in 1797 the United States told the Barbary pirates. "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute." And he recalled that "not since the days of Hitler when the in famous Eichmann offered to trade on an even basis, one Jew for one truck, has the civilized (See Deal, Page 2CoL 4) Budget Cuts Out, School Board Says By RON GIBSON The Anniston school board put away the scissors Monday night and decided to forego any budget trimming., until 1961-42 1961-42 1961-42 projected income figures become available. available. Seemingly all ready to cut out so-called so-called so-called "nonessentials" "in the present program, a last-minute last-minute last-minute "carry-all" "carry-all" "carry-all" motion asking for fur ther budget investigation was ed in a three to one split vote. In effect, Jhe vote may have opened the way for operating the schools next year until the mon ey runs out without reducing sal jaries or personnel, it is estimated By GEORGE SMITH Star Staff Writer MONTGOMERY (AP) The Rev. Martin Lather King, Jr., said today the "Freedom Riders" Riders" will continue their test of Southern bus station segregation barriers but he did not say when the ride would be resumed. resumed. MONTGOMERY This capital city of Alabama remained remained quiet but tense to day with hundreds of steel- steel- helmeted National Guardsmen, Guardsmen, bayonets fixed to rifles, patrolling downtown streets against further disorders. disorders. Two incidents Monday night threatened the restored calm. but they were broken up by alert Guardsmen. Federal marshals dispatched here on orders of U. S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy have been pulled out of the city and are standing by at Maxwell Air Force Base. Byron (Whizzer) White, former All-America All-America All-America college football player player now serving as chief deputy to Attorney General Kennedy, said he and the marshals will remain here "a few days. . .in the event of any disturbances not only here but in other places in Alabama." Seven teenagers were arrested last, night when they threatened two Negro workers leaving the downtown cafeteria where they are employed. White Men Gather About 10:40 p.m., a crowd of white men gathered at the bus station. The 50 National Guardsmen Guardsmen on duty there called for re inforcements from headquarters at Fort Dixie Graves and the crowd dispersed a few minutes later. While some 30 other persons re portedly arrived here Sunday and Monday to join the "Freedom Riders." meetings in their behalf have been cancelled and a mass meeting slated here last night was called off. Meanwhile, the Congress of Ra cial Equality (CORE) announced that the "Freedom Rides" Would be resumed today, but where abouts of the riders have not been revealed and a bearing for persons persons arrested in weekend rioting here have been postponed be cause of their absence. 'Hate Bus' Expected Another element in the building tension was the expected arrival of 12 American Nazi Party "Hats Bus" riders. Party Head Georoo Lincoln Rockwell described t h s bus as a protest against Communism Communism and integration. A spokesman said the Nazis hoped to make speeches m Montgomery. Montgomery. CORE headquarters In New York announced new freedom ride attempts would be made by six members who arrived hero Monday, and in Tennessee a member of Hie Nashville Student (See Incidents, Page 3, CoL 1) that the term would be seven and a half months. However, everything still hinges on a Minday afternoon called meeting when Dr. LeRoy Brown, superintendent of schools, is. to give his findings on possible school financial receipts next term. After his report, the board could possibly take out the scissors and begin cutting. This rather confusing turn of events came about when a mo tion, precluding any further action by the board, was passed at the request of Mrs. F. A. McCartney by a three to one vote. Her original motion stipulated (See Budget, Page ."CoL I) Death Takes Joan Davis PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (UPI- (UPI- Joan Davis, rubber-faced rubber-faced rubber-faced comedienne comedienne who once earned $1 million a year on radio and starred in the "I Married Joan" television series, died today of a heart at tack. She was 48. The bouncy, raucous actress was admitted to Desert Hospital late Monday. With her when she died was her mother, Mrs. Nina Davis, and a Roman Catholic priest. School Calendar U Adopted Here The present school term's al most gone, but another lies ahead. This j the 1961-62 1961-62 1961-62 school cal endar, as adopted Monday night by the Board of Education: Sept. S, school opens; Nov, 23- 23- 124. Thanksgiving; Dec. lJan. 3, Christmas holidays: Jan. 19, end of first semester; Jan. 22. second semester begins; March ' tt-14, tt-14, tt-14, spring holidays; and May t), .school close. " ' ,"

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